Digital Life in 2025

PEW, who does some of the best research on technology, released a new report in their series celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Internet. This report looks at Digital Life in 2025

There is a lot of fascinating thoughts inside the report, which Pew organizes into "more hopeful" and "less hopeful" with about equal distribution. 

The do talk about education in their "more hopeful" section - noting that the Internet should continue to generate efficiencies in the system. 

The less hopeful one worth noting to me is that privacy may increasingly become something only the rich can enjoy. That's concerning, obviously. 

Give the whole report a read when you get a chance and let me know some of your thoughts. Also, it is worth seeing who got the last word, by the way. 

Smart Clothes and School Uniforms

Just make a note of it ... this is going to be a legal problem for schools. It might be a few years out yet, but it is going to be an issue. 

We are already placing RFID chips on students in many districts and so it is the next logical step to just integrate the technology directly into the school uniforms. 

If you want some more academic background on smart clothes and the current and future possibilities, it is worth checking out this symposium that was held at Radcliffe Institute at Harvard. 

What do you think? Any reason to worry here? Lots of folks seem okay with the RFID concept, so this just seems a logical (and perhaps acceptable) extension of that.