Digital Life in 2025

PEW, who does some of the best research on technology, released a new report in their series celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Internet. This report looks at Digital Life in 2025

There is a lot of fascinating thoughts inside the report, which Pew organizes into "more hopeful" and "less hopeful" with about equal distribution. 

The do talk about education in their "more hopeful" section - noting that the Internet should continue to generate efficiencies in the system. 

The less hopeful one worth noting to me is that privacy may increasingly become something only the rich can enjoy. That's concerning, obviously. 

Give the whole report a read when you get a chance and let me know some of your thoughts. Also, it is worth seeing who got the last word, by the way. 

Our Friends at Big Ass Fans and the Future for Kentucky

Our friends at Big Ass Fans have been receiving more and more publicity lately for, well, just being better than everyone else. We have enjoyed not only working with Big Ass Fans on design ideas for the various spaces that CASTLE inhabits but also just watching the growth of their company. A key driver of their growth has been a different kind of culture, one in which they truly value their employees. This culture is reflected in everything they do, including how much they pay their people which this recent CNN Money story profiled. 

Photocredit: CNN Money from linked story.

Photocredit: CNN Money from linked story.

Big Ass Fans are very much the poster child for Kentucky's future. It is techy, it is advanced manufacturing, it is great jobs that pay well, but most important is that Big Ass Fans represent the kind of culturally different approach to our future place in the world. Kentucky is a great place to live, to build things, to innovate ... but it is a working class kind of place. Big Ass Fans builds fans, not semiconductors. We build the Camry here, not the Tesla Model S. We can be the place that builds the things that average people use, just better than it has to be. Kentucky has had a deep and growing relationship with Germany. We have an operational office in Hamburg and our Governor is actually there right now visiting to discuss the potential VW expansion into Kentucky.

Kentucky doesn't need to be Germany but we can learn a lot of lessons from them in how their manufacturing sector has been culturally different. Big Ass Fans seems to have a good handle on that and I hope more Kentucky companies take lessons from them.